Last Updated Date: January 23, 2022

According to Studies, Omicron Has A High Ratio Of Asymptomatic Carriers

Scientific studies have revealed that the Covid-19 Omicron variant has a much higher rate of "asymptomatic carriers" than other variants.

According to Studies, Omicron Has A High Ratio Of Asymptomatic Carriers

Findings from two clinical trials conducted in South Africa, one of the countries where the Omicron variant of Covid-19 was first detected, revealed that the disease progresses without symptoms at a high rate in Omicron carriers.

Increased to 16% with Omicron Variant

According to this research, the average rate of asymptomatic carriage increased from 2.6 percent during beta and delta outbreaks to 16 percent during the Omicron period.

The Primary Reason to Spread it Rapidly Worldwide

Researchers think this is one of the main reasons for the rapid spread of the variant around the world.

Director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Center at the University of Cape Town, Prof. “These preliminary study findings add to our understanding of how the Omicron variant spreads and provide important clues about the amount of asymptomatic transmission,” said Linda-Gail Bekker.

Curious About the Omicron Variant

The Omicron variant spread worldwide from South Africa, where it first appeared, and has influenced millions of people.


According to the World Health Organization; Although the Omicron variant is thought to be more contagious than other variants, including Delta, more studies are needed on the subject.


Not enough information has yet been collected about how the Omicron variant affects disease severity. An increase in hospitalizations was observed in South Africa, where the variant was first detected. However, it should be noted that this increase may be due to the Omicron variant as well as the increase in the number of infected people. Since it is known that all variants of the new type of coronavirus can become so severe that people die, necessary precautions should be taken against the Omicron variant.


Information so far indicates that people previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 are at increased risk of being reinfected with the Omicron variant. However, more comprehensive data are needed to confirm this issue.


There is not enough data yet on the extent to which vaccines protect against the Omicron variant. However, it is known that vaccines are effective against the Delta variant, which previously accounted for the majority of cases. There is no effective preventive or therapeutic method against COVID-19 other than a vaccine. Therefore, vaccination of the community is the only way to prevent severe illness and death due to COVID-19. In our country, it is important for people who have received two doses of vaccine and 3 months after the second dose, to take the reminder dose in order to protect against the virus.


In order to be protected from the Omicron variant, it is necessary to fully comply with the practices recommended since the beginning of the pandemic. The fact that people spend more time indoors, especially with the cold weather, paves the way for the spread of the virus. In order to prevent this situation, the mask should never be removed in crowded environments. In addition, paying attention to social distance, washing or disinfecting hands frequently also contributes to preventing the spread of the virus. It is very important that people in the risk group get the reminder dose of the vaccine without wasting time.

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