Last Updated Date: January 27, 2022

Covid-19 Bans Lifted in the Netherlands

Following the lifting of the Covid-19 bans in the Netherlands as of today, citizens rushed to shopping centers and restaurants.

Covid-19 Bans Lifted in the Netherlands

After Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s statement at the press conference held yesterday, “We are lifting the Covid-19 bans that have been going on for 2 years as of today, we are liberalizing all activities”, and places were opened across the country today.

After a 4-week full closure in the country, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, and cafes that were closed, apart from the places where basic supplies were supplied, opened their doors today.

Dutch citizens rushed to shopping centers and cafes today after the opening.

Citizens who preferred to eat outside also ate their meals by sitting in restaurants. In the country where measures will continue to be taken, it was stated that closed places will remain open until 22:00.

Measures to Continue in the Netherlands

All venues in the Netherlands will serve between 05:00 and 22:00 local time. While areas such as cinemas, theaters and sports halls will be opened within the scope of Covid-19 rules, events organized in the field of culture and art will be held with the participation of a maximum of 1,250 people and QR code application.

While the mask requirement in mass and crowded areas continues in the country, quarantine will not be applied if there is no Covid-19 symptom in contact with children under the age of 18.

A person who has had the 3rd dose of vaccine and has had Covid-19 within 8 weeks will not be quarantined if he is in contact again.

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