Last Updated Date: February 14, 2022

Is Orange Juice Good for a Cold

Orange juice is known to be good for flu and colds. Here are the properties of orange juice that are good for colds.

Is Orange Juice Good for a Cold

The cold weather causes an increase in upper respiratory tract diseases such as the flu. Experts recommend drinking orange juice, which contains plenty of vitamin C, to prevent disease and increase body resistance.

In these days of cold weather conditions, it is very critical to consume fruit juices that contain plenty of vitamins, which will strengthen the immune system during the recovery phase and to protect against flu, colds and infections.

Orange Juice Is Good for Colds

Expressing that vitamin C has an important effect on strengthening the immune system, experts emphasize that a glass should be consumed every day.

With the decrease of vitamin C, which cannot be produced in the body and can only enter the body with food taken from outside, it is especially invited to flu diseases.

Orange juice, which contains potassium, folate, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and various minerals, should be consumed to relieve the energy that decreases with cold and the feeling of constant fatigue.

Its regular consumption helps to protect the person from disease. An adult person needs around 60 mg of vitamin C daily. A glass of orange juice is enough to meet the daily vitamin C requirement.

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